About Us


Founded in 1973 and residing at the popular Collicutt  Centre since 2001, Exelta Gymnastics ( registered as the Red Deer Gymnastic  Association) is registered as a Non-Profit organization. The organization is driven by parents who keep expensive overhead costs down with volunteering and overseeing policy and procedure development through sitting on our Board of Directors .


It is our mission to provide gymnastics instruction in Central Alberta in an atmosphere that is fun, safe, and conducive to learning; to promote the highest standards of excellence in attitude and achievement in our coaches and athletes, within an environment that instills all members with a sense of pride, accomplishment, team spirit and enjoyment of the sport.



Exelta Gymnastics maintains its high costs of running its facility through the continuous generosity of sponsors. The support you give will help us maintain our facility, our equipment, and our staffing costs which in turn will provide top level coaching to our most valuable assets - our athletes. In return for your generous donation we make every effort to recognize your community support with recognition on our website and in our gym facility. We have many sponsorship opportunities available including but not limited to donations all the way to sponsoring an entire competition. If you wish to sponsor a piece of equipment (depending on the piece of equipment) your company name will be represented on it. 

For more information regarding sponsorship please  call us at (403) 342-4940 or email at